After the Rain

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This week we got some much needed rain, though it was hard in several parts of the southland. The first picture is from Friday as I was leaving the office. Loved how the sun was shining on the clouds. The second one was from tonight as we were heading into the neighborhood to do Christmas Caroling. Both were taken with my Galaxy S5.

aftertherain mountbaldy

Not Spring but Bee doing his job

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I met my student worker at the Huntington Library to do her senior pictures. Lot of fun and I think some really great pictures. But those are for her to share … at least for now…

Did capture this picture which was really quite cool…



Fun with Software

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When I went to the Scott Kelby training earlier in November I bought a software program, that is fun. I used one of the pictures from my Yosemite pictures to create the second picture to make some more notecards…  So much fun!





November 1 was such a Gorgeous Day

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November 1st I spent a lot of time shooting a lot of the outdoor sports. It was a beautiful day and here are some of the shoots from that day:






Can you tell I like clouds!?!?!


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Friday I went to the L.A. Convention Center for another Scott Kelby Training. This one was on Photoshop for Photographers. It was REALLY good! For those who know me, you know my goal is to take the best picture possible and not fix it during post production. A philosophy I plan to continue to live by, however, the tools that I learned will help me make some of my portrait work just that much better.

The above picture is one I took on my way back to the train stop at the end of the day. I did play with it using some of the tips I learned in the class. Mainly to pull a little more of the magenta that was starting to develop in the sky with the buildings and their lights. Just simple stuff for now.

I did buy a potentially cool and fun program that I will hopefully have time to play with this week. But for now, it’s time for nighty night!


So Much Beauty

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This past week, lots of beautiful things to take pictures of, including this really cool tree that every year I think I’ve got to get a picture of that. This year, I finally got it.  Also, the sunset on Thursday was so gorgeous!



Ladies Tea

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Didn’t take many pictures last week but did take some at the Ladies Tea on Saturday. Here’s my favorite one from Saturday. Really happy with the color just wish I would have prepped the frame a little better and focused on just the flowers and candle.


Tea-1 copy

Beautiful Sun

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This moment is brought to you compliments of God. It’s from Thursday night’s soccer games. Which I’m happy to say both teams won. Though things got interesting during the guys games.



All Things SeaWorld

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This week’s photo spotlight is brought to you from one of my favorite places. I had fun on Tuesday spending the day at SeaWorld with Maureen and Lily. And although I got some cute pictures of Lily, the star of this week’s post is one of the East African Cranes that performs in the Blue Horizons show… pretty happy with this shot!


Week 2 – Photo Journey

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No sports last week which was really weird! (and a little sad) but I did have the chance to take some pictures of my two favorite little girls.

I was really happy with the photo shoot and so was Mom. I really like the look of this picture. Not the best framed, <sad face>. I like it because is shows her natural beauty. No forced smiles just sitting on the grace chillin’