Hymn 2 of 3

I’m not sure my second one is better than my first… but again, it’s a start. The goal for this one is to be in the style of Isaac Watts. Watts was a radical of his time. He had the nerve to write songs that weren’t exclusively from the Psalms. Once Calvin decided music in church was ok, he decided it was from the Psalms or nothing.

Psalm 9
Tune: St. Anne (O God, Our Help in Ages Past)
I will praise you with all my heart
I will be glad in You
And my enemies will depart
They perish before You.

Those who know Your name will trust You
Rejoice and sing praises
Sing praises to the Lord enthrone
To Your name voices raise

He will judge the world with justice
The Lord rules forever
The Lord’s salvation is endless
He judges all nature.

The Lord has established his throne
He reigns forevermore
Sing praises to the Lord enthroned
Oh be glad in the Lord.

Again, definitely not the best thing around, but hopefully not the worst.
The last one has to be in the style of Charles Wesley. The originator of the “Jesus and me” songs.

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