Mark the Play Write

Each year Mark’s school has what they call Young Author’s Day. The kids write stories that they then share with other students in different classes. Some of the stories are chosen to be acted out by a group known as The Imagination Machine. This year Mark’s story was one chosen to be acted out. Below is Mark’s original story and the video of The Imagination Machine performing Mark’s story. Of course, they did take some liberties, but doesn’t that always happen to the book?

Dragons Fire vs. Knight

Once upon a time there was a rich king. His castle was being attacked by a dragon. The rich and tired king sent a knight, a silver knight to get rid of the dragon.

The silver knight tried to catapult the dragon but the boulders missed. Next, he tried to use arrows but the arrows did not go far. Then, he tried to destroy the dragon’s home but he fell.

Last, he fought the dragon and won! The kingdom was saved. And the knight became a king.

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