A Whole Lot of Shaking

Ok, not really that bad. I can say, “I’ve been in worse” I was at work talking with Tim when it hit. Then, of course we got to evacuate the building. After all, my office is in a trailer that has been here longer than I have been. (So it’s 22+ years old!) After the Northridge Earthquake this building had a visible gap where two of the sections connect. Of course, I took my laptop with me outside so I could surf the web and find out all the vital statistics on the quake.

This was Mark’s first earthquake so I was curious how he was going to handle it. He seemed fine. Had lots of stories about how one little boy got under his desk as well. He said something along the lines as “He put his big butt in my face” He also talked about how one of his friends was crying and he kept telling him it would be ok and to stop crying.

This YouTube video was posted on the San Gabriel Tribune Website today. It’s from the Bike Shop in San Dimas which is close to where we are. Pretty cool. (Only because no one was hurt.)

Thankfully no major damage at this point. Though, here at the University the Turner Campus Center is closed until further notice. This building houses the two main eateries on this campus as well as upstairs is where chapel is held and many other “big” events. There appears to be some damage on the “corners” of the building. Could prove to be an interesting kick off to the new school year.

All in all things are well in SoCal.

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