Youth sports are a funny things. Mark is involved with Kare Youth League. Right now they are in soccer. I think they only won 2 games all season and tied like 3 games.

Tonight they played in the first round of the playoffs. They were playing the first seed team, that happens to be the other team based at the same park. They played to a 0-0 tie. So it was time for a shootout. Five boys from each team were chosen. (And no Mark wasn’t one of them). Long story short they finished the first shootout tied 2-2. So five more boys were chosen (and no Mark wasn’t one of them). Anyway, 2 of our first 3 shooters scored. When their 3 shooter failed to score the game was over!!!

The kids were very excited as were the parents. The boys play in the championship on Thursday night. They will be playing the 3rd seed team, so it’s anyone’s game!

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