Legoland California

As a Legoland passholder we occassionally receive passes to bring a friend for free. This past May we had the chance to take Mark’s friend, Matt, and his mom, Christie, to Legoland.

It was a great day. We finally rode Legoland’s new ride, the Lost Kingdom Adventure. Very cute ride I look forward to riding it again and looking at more of the things. I was too busy shooting things and missed all the cool things that were built out of legos.

This is Mark and Matt outside the ride. I need to scan in the picture of us that was taken on the ride. As always I’m very intense on scoring points!

It was also a banner day in that Mark rode Knights Tournament at level 3! It was the first time he rode at that level, it was fun. We laughed a lot. Matt rode at 5 and Christie watched!

It was a great day to spend with friends!

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