End of a Dynasty?

Back in the home schooling days, Tim went on a tangent that he wanted to learn how to bowl. And being the mom I was (and still am) I signed him up for the “Learn to Bowl” class through the local Parks and Recreation program. He had a good time and wanted to continue. During the time we were home schooling he played in the bowling center’s Home Schooling Youth League. After we completed the home school stage of our lives Tim continued in the regular youth league. When Annette left Covina Bowl to form Turtle Bowl we moved with her. Tim has had many partners and teammates during bowling. But the last 2 or 3 years he’s been bowling with Carlos and Peter. During that time they have won most of their leagues. Carlos is just amazing with a 0 handicap. Peter is also a very strong bowler with a very low handicap as well. The bad part of that is they have to be “on” every week or they loose to the other teams who have the higher handicaps.

With Tim’s fall schedule he won’t be able to bowl in the Fall 2008 league, so it was nice that he was able to end this season as part of the champion team. Here’s the team of Peter, Carlos, and Tim after today’s banquet and awards ceremony. (Don’t they look excited)

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