End of the Week

This has been a very long week. Lots of training with our Student Services Student workers, which for the most went well, except for a “typo” in one of my PowerPoint slides. But I don’t want to talk about that.

The next two weeks will be insane, but it always is in August. This year a little more so with the Eiro project. But hey, keeps me busy and off the streets!

This is DCW which stands for Dead Cat Walking, (but DC for short). Yep, Erwin named him. He’s over all a pretty cool cat. He was born May 31st, 2007, while Tim and I were in Boston. As of last week he’s the only cat in the house. His mom, Nazzi, decided to get outside again for the second time and she won’t come to Erwin. (I think she remembers the bath he gave her after her previous vacation outside.)

We joke that DC is a dog trapped in a cat’s body. More times than not when you call him, he will come to you. He doesn’t mind being “patted” like a dog. But without a doubt he’s my cat. He sleeps by my feet most nights or at the very least when he hears my alarm go off he jumps on the bed and wants to be loved on and actually every night before I go to bed he wants his head rubbed.

Back to the Olympics!

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