Happy 18th Birthday Round 1

September 12, 1991 was Tim’s first birthday. On that day his “middle name” name’s sake, Ron Collins gave Tim a present. On the outside of the card it said, “Do Not Open until your 18th birthday.” Well, it just so happened that this August Ron was back in L.A. for his 30th High School Reunion. So we decided it would be okay for Tim to open this 18th birthday present a little early.

So tonight we met up with Ron at In & Out to open this present. Of course, there was 18 years worth of dust covering it (my bad).

The gift was the complete set of 1990 Upper Deck Baseball cards, steal sealed.

Tim and Ron (and Mark of course) and the 18th birthday present.

Tim reading a birthday card, written 17 years ago. (I haven’t read it yet so no idea what Ron said way back then).

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