Less than Exciting Final Night

Thursday night was the final night of the Kare Youth League Track meet held at Citrus College. Mark didn’t have a stellar night. I was afraid it was my fault since the start time was an hour later and significantly closer I was able to fix him dinner. The “little” guy put away 4 scrambled eggs!

His first event was the 50 yard dash, he didn’t run near as well as he did Monday night during the 100 yard dash.

Next he moved across the track to where he ran the 220 yard “run.” Some of those poor kids had a really tough time running that far. Mark struggled with that one as well. And more or less walked across the finish line.
After the “track” events they moved to the field events. The first was the “heavy ball” throw.
For awhile Mark was in medal contention but was eventually eliminated. The last individual event was the baseball throw. Mark did ok, but not good enough for a medal.

Then there was a very nice closing ceremony, including a honor guard and one of Mark’s coaches did a very nice job singing the National Anthem.

The last events of the evening were the relays. Which Tarheels (Mark’s team) did very well taking first place! They ended the track meet in second place behind the dreaded Seminoles!
We found out after the track meet that his thigh was hurting him and that’s why he couldn’t run better. Regardless, of Thursday nights outcome he had a good time and is looking forward to doing it again next year.

Now we have the rest of the month off before we start football in the fall.

Mark and I leave for San Diego. Part work, part play. We’ll go down after church and spend the evening at SeaWorld. Monday morning I’ll teach at our Regional Center. When they are happy with the training, we’ll head back to SeaWorld. When we’re finished there, we’ll drive up Carlsbad to go to LegoLand on Tuesday.

Then back to work on Wednesday!

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