SeaWord, Legoland, and a Little work

This year as always we went to San Diego for vacation. Unfortunately, circumstances being what they are, Mark and I were only gone for a couple of days. APU’s San Diego Regional Center asked if I could come down and do some training with them on Office 2007. Well, just about any reason to go to San Diego and I’m there.

So after church Sunday, Mark and I headed south to my favorite destination, SeaWorld. Had the chance to check out their newest night time show, with the dolphins. You just can’t go wrong with dolphins. After fun as Seaworld we headed to the good ole Motel 6, where they leave the light on.

Next morning, training for a couple of hours and lunch at Applebees and back to SeaWorld.

After SeaWorld, we drove to Carlsbad for LegoLand on Tuesday. Another nice day with lots of fun. Except for the calls from work, but hey… makes me feel needed. Check me out with Indiana Jones!! OK, so he’s made out of legos, it’s as close as I’ll ever get.

You can check out the pics at:

Mini Vacation 2008

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