Track Meet Night 2

Tonight was the second night of the Kare Youth League Track Week.

They started out with a team tug-a-war event. Tarheels ended up getting the Bronze medal, which they will receive tomorrow night.

Mark’s group moved on to the “Individual Tugawar” event. Mark beat three other kids to meet his Tarhill teammate, Johnny. Which let’s put it this way… Mark might be a little taller than Johnny, but Johnny probably outweighs him by a good 30 pounds. Very funny to watch that competition.

In the picture on the right you can sort of see Mark in his first round. With the expectation of the finals was his harder challenge.

The boys receiving their medals for Individual Tug-a-war.

Next up was the high jump. Didn’t get any great pictures of it but here’s one of Mark right before going over. The other picture is Mark receiving his Gold Medal.

They have a policy that the kids can only get two medals a night. Mark really wanted to run the 75 yard dash, but they wouldn’t let him, even though he understood he wouldn’t get a medal.

Tomorrow night is the final night which is held at Citrus College. So glad I don’t have to drive to Arcadia again! Hopefully, he’ll have more medals to talk about tomorrow night.

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