A North Carolina Victory!

Today was Mark’s first football game of this season. He had a rough start to his day when we could only find one of this blue socks. I finally rationalized that he’d used the same pair of socks for 5 seasons (2 baseball, 2 soccer, and 1 football) so buying him a new pair of socks was not the end of the world. That came half an hour later when one of the pads from inside his helmet came up missing. We never did find it, we have a feeling that it sprouted legs and walked off. It would have been really hard for it to fall out. Thankfully, one of the dads got his younger kids helmet and let Mark use the pad from it.

This season Mark is playing safety which in a league that is primarily running that’s a good position for him. However, it was nice to see him watching for the ball and moving toward the guy with the ball. He even got in on a tackle! And even better he was grabbing at the ball, he didn’t get it but he’s at least getting into the play.

The only touchdown scored in the game was a run by quarterback. He did a really nice job. As did Mark’s classmate, Caleb who played some tough defense and had two really good runs on offense. All the kids that played defense today did a good job and where hitting.

The final score was 7-0. We ended the game with an interception to stop the Wildcats’ drive. The interception made by out quarterback who was moved to safety. He’s a very good athlete, and coach wanted to win! So Mark was sitting on the sideline chatting it up with one of his teammates. But hey they won!

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