Football Season is Here!

Friday, the 5th was the opening practice for KYL football program. Mark was excited about it until he found out that his games would conflict with the Saturday bowling league. But hopefully he’ll get over it. I didn’t take any pictures Friday night, but took a few on Saturday. Mark’s going through the phase where he doesn’t want me to take his picture. So I have to be sneaky about it.

It was nice on Friday, I saw him catch a couple of passes. And it seems he is starting to hit better. Last year he seemed to be afraid to hit or get hit. After Saturday’s practice he said his favorite part of football was tackling and being tackled. And he likes to be tackled better.

The picture on the left was one of the drills he worked with them on. Mark is the blocker. He is starting to figure out how to use his legs to drive the person back. (Click on the picture for a better view)

The picture on the right was a drill where one kid was receiving the kick or punt and would be trying to run down for a touchdown. Three other kids were trying to tackle the guy with the ball. If the runner scored the 3 would have to run. Coach told Mark if he scored a touchdown everyone had to run. He ran sideways out of bounds. So they got their water break.

Mark taking a water break at the end of practice. The little brat kept turning his head when he saw the camera. Hopefully, he’ll get over this soon. I enjoy taking his picture.

Both of the local teams had large turnout of kids for football, so there is a chance there will be two teams for each. If that is the case Mark should get a lot of playing time which I think will help him grow as a player.

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