It’s OK, Nobody Reads this!

Tonight I went to the APU Football game. It was a very good game, and they won! Which is their first win, but they’ve played some tough teams.
Of course I went to see and hear Tim in the “Black Out Band.” Ken let me borrow his Nikon D70. I was happy with most of my pictures tonight. They just weren’t as good as I’ve gotten in the past. But here’s an OK one of my friend, Anthony from Campus Safety. He’s a good guy and said he didn’t want to see his picture on the Internet! Well, even though it’s on the internet, little worry about it being seen by a lot of people.

Tonight APU took time to honor, Bryan Clay, the 2008 Olympic Decathlon Gold Medalist. Both the mayors from Glendora and Azusa were there to honor Bryan and his family. Jon did a great job of emceeing the event. Bryan spent the entire second half signing autographs for the kids. He seems like a great guy. I didn’t get any better pictures than this, didn’t want to get in the way of the “real” photographers.

Before the game caught this picture of my boss’s, boss’s, boss’s, boss, John Reynolds.

Another couple of great gals that I have the priviledge of working with. Bonnie, also from Campus Safety and Holly from Nursing. I keep joking about all the Holly’s on campus getting together for lunch. I think I need to seriously work on that.

And, of course, gotta have a picture of my favorite member of the “Black Out Band” my kid!

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