Who’s Looking at Me?

Tim roller bladed over to my office earlier this week, don’t remember why but we had some fun. Joe thought we were weird. Then again, we are!

Tim is in his third week of college. He seems to be doing well. He’s getting along with his roommates Bruce and Kyle. He’s working in the laptop office, he hasn’t said much about work. His boss resigned last week so much transitions happening. His boss, Chad was the original staff person for the laptop office so they’ve never not had a boss. Hopefully, they can find someone who will be a good fit for the office.

A week from Saturday is the Western Days Parade and Band Review. I’m helping out with the band review. Can’t tell Ed no! I’ll be helping out with the judges. I’ll also be helping out at the church at the Wesleyan Watering Hole. Hopefully, it will another good event. And with a little luck Riverside King will not win sweepstakes!

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