A Day at Disneyland

Yesterday we sent the afternoon at Disneyland. This picture is from Tom Sawyer’s Island. Of course it’s not called Tom Sawyer’s Island, but the Pirates Liar or something like that. It will always be Tom Sawyer’s Island to me.

You can see most of the pictures I took down below.

Disneyland – October 2

Tomorrow is the San Dimas Western Day’s Parade, if it doesn’t rain. There’s a chance of rain. I’m suppose to be helping out with the Band Review up on Gladstone. I’m looking forward to working with Ed and helping him out. Not sure if I’ll be able to get many pictures but I’ll have to try. It will be wierd not to be a part of the band as a parent.

Next Saturday is the Azusa parade and Tim’s first parade with APU. I jokingly asked him today at lunch if they needed any band moms. He humored me and said probably. It will probably depend on Mark’s football game and the time fo the parade.

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