Happiest Place on Earth

Maybe yes, maybe not so much! I do enjoy Disneyland and it was fun to be there after 5 MONTHS! I think that’s the longest stretch in 19 years of not being at Disneyland.

Had to buy Mark a new pass today since his expired in May. We have the cheapo Southern California one, but it’s ONLY $180. DCA was nice, not too crowded (like it ever is). Rode Soaring over California, such a cool ride. Then we rode Grizzly Rapids, oh my heavens! I got drenched!! I was wet for the next two hours.

The big news, Mark FINALLY rode California Screaming. He didn’t hate it, he even said he liked it other than the fact it made his head hurt. Not sure why, but my hurt too. Actually, I think mine hurt because of my neck and I didn’t have my head back when we were shot out of the cannon.

I took quite a few pictures and tried the video setting. We’ll see how that turned out eventually. I’ll probably load pictures tomorrow night. Too tired now, and I have a very busy day tomorrow.

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