OK, I am a Geek!

For over a month I’ve been having problems with my desktop at home. I tried to get it going and failed miserably. Last week I was able to get a copy of Windows XP Media edition and thought I had it made. Since my product key was for that version. However, I ended up in this endless loop between the log in screen, the message telling me I needed to activate, having the machine tell me the copy was already activated and the log in screen again. It was actually quite funny! In a sick sort of way.

So I decide it is time to switch to some time of UNIX/Linux something. Long story short I finally figured out how to create a bootable CD with LinuxMint on it and got it installed on my home machine. I was also able to install a program called Wine that will let me run a lot of the windows programs. Of course, it didn’t run Mark’s Lego Island 2 game, but oh well. It does appear to work on his social studies program which is way more important to me.

I still have a lot to figure out but at least Mark can surf the web and has sound again.

Mark’s football team won again today. They’re 2-1 for the season. Mark didn’t do anything spectular but he didn’t do anything stupid either. And again he had fun which is the main thing.

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