San Dimas Western Days’ Parade

Saturday morning I got up entirely too early for a Saturday and went down to help with the Band Review for the San Dimas Western Days Parade. I knew last year when I walked the parade with the band it wouldn’t be my last time. Not as long as Ed Wolfe and Thersea Bruns are around to run it!

It was a nice day with thankfully only a few sprinkles during the review.

San Dimas was first, of course, as the host band. Asst. Drum Major, Wendy, was the leader. She is a very talented sophomore musician. And as par for the course of the past 3 drum majors on their first time out, she dropped her mace. It’s best she gets it over with now.

The band sounded pretty good and look pretty good for October. Of course, Riverside King as last year’s sweepstakes winner was the final band to participate. And they sounded AMAZING and looked AMAZING. In front of them was the Notre Dame High School band from Sherman Oaks. They also looked very good and sounded very good. I thought they might actually beat Riverside King out for sweepstakes, however, within the first measure it was clear how good Riverside King is.

I didn’t make it to the high school to hear what San Dimas’ scores were or who did win Sweepstakes.

I didn’t see any of the parade, but then again in Tim’s 4 years there I never watched the parade, but I did march in it with the band at least 2 of those years. To me that’s the best part, I figured I marched 11 parades and/or band reviews with the kids. Tim has his first parade as a college student, next weekend in Azusa. Haven’t figured out if I can march in that one with them or not!

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