Thoughts on Prop 2?

I couldn’t believe the deplorable conditions I found at Disneyland of all places!! The below picture shows the horrendous conditions these chickens are in? Two large birds shoved into this small crate.

It’s absolutely unbelievable!

Yet these birds seem happy. They seem quite content in what we would consider horrific conditions.

Prop 2 deals with the treatment of farm animals that are raised strictly for food. I have mixed emotions about the Prop 2. Having grown up on a farm where we raised pigs, cows, chickens, and rabbits for the purpose of food. They weren’t pets we didn’t name them. However, the cattle had 80 acres to roam, the pigs had plenty of room as well. Chickens were free to roam outside the hen house during the day and were only penned up at night to protect them from coyotes. Rabbits were kept in cages that were large enough to move around freely.

Proponents of Prop 2 say that the animals in California are being treated inhumanly. Inhumanly means “not human.” Well they’re animals not humans, so do they need to be treated humanly? They are animals being raised for food, not humans with souls.

My concern is that passage of Prop 2 will end up costing the consumer more in the stores and restaurants.

I’m not sure what is right in this situation. Not sure how I will vote on this come November 4.

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