Fun filled weekend

This weekend was the final APU Football game, which was an afternoon game. So Ken let me borrow his Nikon D70 and I took pictures of the band and the football. Got a few nice pics of some of the Seniors with family. Also took some action shots and almost lived the photographers nightmare. Being wipe out on the sideline when the play went out of bounds. Unfortunately, I wasn’t willing to sacrifice the body for the shot. I just knew I would end up as one of Ken’s action shots and I couldn’t live with that.

I was very excited Sunday morning when I saw that I had received a photography credit! I was very cool! I think he only used one of my pictures but hey, gotta start some where.

Here’s the picture he used, number 18 on this website.

Sunday I met up with some co-workers and students from IMT Student Services at Disneyland. It was a fun time with lots of laughter. Including when Tom and Nathan skipped arm in arm to the King Arthur’s Carousel. Chris was the only other one to join them, but he’s hiding in the back and I couldn’t get his picture. 🙁

So, back to work… and another very busy week!

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