Basketball Season Begins

Mark is starting his third year of Kare Youth League with his third season of basketball. Today they had a scrimmage against the other Covina team and the Upland team. Of course, they play outside in Covina and it’s finally decided to be “winter” here. So Mark was a little cold at times.

For all of the first game against Upland and part of the second game they only had 5 players. Mark is doing better than I’ve seen him do. Still not the best player out there, but he’s playing with a little more confidence. He blocked a shot actually got a couple of rebounds. He didn’t shoot when he had the chance but he passed it to one of his team mates who shot and got the basket. So hey he got an assist!

The KYL is doing a basketball game for the kids in January which should be a good thing for him. The football one helped him.

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