Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Erwin, Holly, Tim, and Mark!

This has been another busy year. Erwin is still working at LA Custom Door. He is playing roller hockey with only one team right now, the Polar Bears. No major injuries other than a severely dislocated finger joint at the base of his middle finger. He continues leading worship at the church every other month.

Tim graduated from San Dimas High School in June.

He started working as a student worker at Azusa Pacific University, for Information and Media Technology. He also taught trumpet lessons at Gard’s Music. He has now finished his first semester at APU. He really enjoyed most of his classes. He did alright in the grade department, 4 A’s, 4 Bs and a C+. He also had two classes where he received a pass/no pass grade. So yes he had 11 classes that worked out to 17 units. Welcome to the life as a music major.

Mark is in fourth grade and doing very well. He is in a 4/5 combo class. He tested for GATE and was accepted, which meant he would have to switch schools to take advantage of the program. We decided to keep him at his current school and I think that we made the right decision.

Mark also started his second year in Kare Youth League. KYL has been good for him, teaching him how to play basketball in the winter, baseball in the spring, soccer in the summer, and football in the fall. He enjoys basketball the most. He’s improving each year and it’s fun to watch him grow. Mark is still bowling in a youth league. Most days he enjoys himself, but once in awhile when he’s having a bad game he’s ready to quit. I think his average is in the 60s but I’m not sure.

I’ll finish my 23rd year at Azusa Pacific University this February. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been there that long, but now that Tim is in college it all worth it! His tuition is covered.
I am working on a Master’s degree. I started it in Fall 2006 and won’t finish until Spring 2011. But hey, it won’t cost me a lot so that’s ok. I’m still in charge of the music at my church. This year I took a leap of faith and director a Christmas choir. Even though I didn’t have a large choir they sounded like a million bucks. It was so cool to be able to work with them. I posted the first Sunday’s song I need to get the rest of them posted. Maybe sometime this week. If you would like to hear them click here.

That’s a snap shot of the happenings at MagnusonHouse. Check back when you get the chance I try to update this site every few days.


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  1. Holly

    thank You for thr message of Blessing and the text as well.
    We were having issues with the cell service and could not get resolved until yesterday so I could not reply.
    My father has been using the phone like crazy- he has 15 houirs of talk time in December alone!! I am very happy he is enjoying getting back in touch with all his old friends and family.
    I tell you this has been such an amazing experience with him comming to live with us. Lord has indeed been looking out for him- and me.

    Love and Blessings to the Magnuson House!!

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