First Win for 2009!!!

It’s been a tough season so far for the Tarheels AA-1’s. There’s enough kids that they have two teams, the AA’s which are the stronger more experienced players, then “the 1s” who are newer players, less experienced players. The “1’s” have had a tough season with very few baskets and no wins until today. They had several kids who scored and everyone played well.

Here’s Mark in the first half, taking a shot. He missed it, but he took the shot, which is a start. The picture below is just kind of funny to see him all twisted like that.

Mark also went after the ball a few times. He throws the ball in when he’s in. He’s getting pretty good at that.

The really cool thing today, is Mark took a shot in the second half as well. Unfortunately, he missed that one too. But both shots were good ones to take and he shot the ball well. Hopefully, he’ll continue trying to make the shot and actually get one! Of course, it will cost me a dollar, but that’s ok.

There next game is on Wednesday. Even though I have class that evening I just might need to go check out the game and take more pictures.
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