4th Grade Field Trip

Today was the 4th grade field trip to the San Gabriel Mission.


It was a great trip with about 75+ kids and chaperons. The kids were great. Our guide was worried since his co-worker didn’t show up and he had to take all the kids instead of dividing them into 2 groups. But he was pleasantly surprised at how well behaved they were. They did great. (At least on the tour, they went crazy at the park!)


This was one of the first opportunities to take a bunch of pictures with my camera. I look forward to figuring out all the settings. This is a fountain at the mission.


Inside the church… lots of beautiful things to take pictures of.,,


The picture behind the baptistery still used every Saturday…


A replica of the pictures painted by the local Indians, the originals are kept in the museum.


One of the many old books that are kept in the museum at the mission. No FLASH photography allowed. Fortunately, with the nikon D70 I can take really nice pictures with no flash.

I took about 250 pictures this morning. This is only a hand full. Hopefully, I’ll have time to load the rest. I have to make sure to load only the ones of items and w/ my kid in them. Don’t want to load other people’s kids on the Internet.

Check out all the photos (or at least 96 of them)

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