First Baseball Game of 2009

Today was Mark’s first baseball game. He plays left field and in previous years he’s batted near the end of the batting order. This year he’s batting around the middle of the order. At his first at bat he hit a nice foul ball, but then ended up striking out.
Below is him retrieving a ball and throwing it in to second base. Not a great throw, but got close enough, there wasn’t a play.

Below is the picture of the greatest play Mark has ever made. Pop fly is coming his way.

I didn’t get a great picture of the ball in Mark’s glove. But it’s there and he got the out!

He even had presence of mind to throw the ball in since there were runners on base. Even the coach for the other team told Mark he made a great catch. (And was yelling how his batter was robbed!)

In case you can’t see it in the above pictures… he’s a close up the same shot!!

Mark’s second at bat he tried to bunt and got called two strikes, so on the next pitch he hit a pop fly, which their pitcher caught. He’s a great little athlete and the cousin of Mark’s friend, Matt.

Unfortunately we lost 7 – 2. We have a lot of work to do this season.

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