A Victory At Last

Well, today the young Tar heels A/AA team finally got their first victory!  The top of the first inning they went down pretty quick.  The bottom of the first inning they gave up 6 runs.  It looked like it was going to be a LONG day.  However, the kids didn’t give up and the final score, 17-7!

Mark went 2 – 3 and yes, he laid down the bunt on his first at bat.  I, of course, missed it again.  I get so excited hoping that he’s going to hit it I forget to take the picture. 

He struck out at his second at bat, but on his third at bat, he hit a nice ball that ended up being a double. He stole third and then unfortunately ended up out at home plate.  But I was impressed that he slid at home and did a nice job of it.

Here’s just after the hit…
Second base looking to head for third…
Waiting to steal home… 
You make the call… “Safe or Out”

Mark says he didn’t feel the plate until after the catcher hit his shoulder.

Regardless, he did a good job, better than the photographer taking the picture. 

After the game coach congratulated them on their first victory of the season and their making it to the playoffs.  Of course he was kidding, no playoffs for these guys, but at least they won one.


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