Catching up… Sacramento Day trip

Well, Thursday was our trip to Sacramento.  All in all it was a good day. Except for the plane being late getting out of Sacramento.  It was just after midnight when we got home. DSC_2512

This was kind of cool, the shadow of our plane as we were landing.





DSC_2534 The state capitol building.  It was kind of nice that the senate was in session while we were there. We got to witness them discuss a pending bill and conduct the roll call for the vote, which passed.


Mark and Governor Arnold’s bear outside the Governor’s office.


DSC_2617 The California Vietnam War Memorial. It’s outside the Capitol building.  It was nicely done.

DSC_2616 Another statue from the war memorial.


DSC_2621 Old Town Sacramento, and the statue for the Pony Express.


After lunch it was off to the Railroad museum. It was a quick trip through the museum. Especially since my group was anxious to get to the gift shop. 🙁


In an effort to keep the kids busy when we couldn’t get into the Old Schoolhouse we walked to the other side of Old Town to see and hear about the Eagle Theatre. Never made it to the Old Schoolhouse.  🙁


One of the sites we saw from the buggy ride through Old Town.

Listening to little fourth grade girls scream “Eureka” at the top of their lungs.


Our last stop of the day was Sutter’s Fort. It was interesting, there was a group of 4th graders there acting out the time period.



DSC_2711The boys had a fun time in the jail. Of course, so did Becca, but that’s probably because Mark was there!

Amazingly, fast trip but overall the kids were great, with the possible exception of the airport.  But 3 hours in an airport will make anyone crazy.

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