Meet Mr. Cates


Bob emailed me to complain about my Easter pictures of his wonderful wife and 2 of his 3 wonderful daughters.  So, here’s a picture of Bob and Betsy.

Pictures from Mark’s game were “outstanding” yesterday. When he laid down his bunt I was in a bad spot and he’s not in focus.  🙁

When Cameron pitches and Mark’s at second they’ve been working at the  pick off at 2nd base.  Thanks to the “odd” KYL rules they got one yesterday.

He made a great move here, but unfortunately missed the ball. But he looks good!
As a mom of a child with ADHD who really isn’t overly athletic it has been rewarding to see him excel this season.  He has room for improvement but he’s made giant steps this season. 

He’ll play baseball until the of May then we move on to soccer!


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