Star Wars Weekend at LegoLand California

OK, so it’s been almost a month since Star Wars Weekend at Legoland California but I’ve been a little busy. But I did want to post so pictures from the day. It was again a fun event with Star Wars characters roaming around.

Yoda is my favorite, his “friend” did a great job with him.

There were also many displays from the different movies, they were well done, here are just a couple of my favorites.

And of course, I got my comperative brick, which is the most important thing! I need to take a picture of my wall. It keeps growing. I just wish Legoland would offer a “club” for passholders so they could get the bricks mailed to them if they’re unable to go to the park. Leaving in LA makes it hard sometimes to get down there.

Mark and I leave for vacation in San Diego on Friday, hopefully I’ll be able to post a few pictures along the way.

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