Honoring a hero of the faith

Today we honored one of my favorite people of APU, Gladys Wilson. I first met class when I moved to California in 1985. We attended church together at Arrow Highway Wesleyan Church and then in 1986 when I began working at APU Gladys worked there as well. Gladys was my birthday buddy though a couple of years older.

We had many wonderful talks and times of laughter. One of my favorite memories is when Gladys called to tell me her computer terminal looked “funny.” I wasn’t sure what she meant so I walked over to her office that was in the back part of Smith Hall. When I got there the terminal was fading in and out. Come to find out we were having a minor electrical problem in Smith Hall. This was because HBO (or Showtime I don’t remember which) was filming OJ Simpson’s TV show. The lights and all the equipment were pulling all the power. We found this funny and were laughing. Evidently we were laughing loud enough we were disturbing the filming. One of the crew came over to tell us to be quiet.

I miss Gladys. She was a good and faithful friend. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to sit in her office right before Christmas and we were able to chat for quite awhile. Then again in January not long before her stroke we were able to talk during the Heart to Heart lunch.

The event today was very nice and appropriately honored a godly woman. Many lives at APU were touched by her faithful service.

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