Christmas Sunday 2009

What a great day! Christmas Sunday is a highlight in the year.  This year was very nice, in that the kids’ Sunday School Class did the Advent Candle and Mark got to light the candle.  A little scary, but he did great.  Then the kids sang.  Originally, Mark wasn’t going to sing, because he thought he would have to do choreography, once he realized he didn’t have to dance only sing he was willing.  Since he wasn’t going to sing he was going to read scripture. He did a great job with that even though he didn’t memorize it.

I played Mary, Did You Know for special music which went fairly well. (No I don’t think I’ll ever be completely happy) but I could hear people singing the words.  It’s such a great song. 

Pastor Tim’s sermon was really good.  It was just a good day!

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