Merry Christmas!

Found this “cute” program when I was trying to get my Christmas Cards sent to Sam’s Club.
I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with it!!!

2009 Closes much like 2008 did… except everyone is a year older and hopefully a little wiser.  Erwin is still working for a company in LA down by Dodger Stadium, hates the drive but for the most part he enjoys the work.

I’ll be completing my 24th year of employment at APU this February. I’m still organizing the music for San Dimas Wesleyan church (that will be 8 years also in February). I’m almost finished with my master’s degree, not as almost as I thought I was a week ago. Seems I won’t finish until Fall 2011 instead of Spring 2011 but when you consider I started the program in Fall 2006 and for the most part have only taken one class a semester I’m almost done.

Tim is completing his third semester at APU and doing fairly well. He is still working in IMT for Student Services where he just got a promotion to a Student Manager. He’ll be responsible for programming for the group. He’s excited about it. 

Mark is in 5th grade and doing very well academically. His teacher is challenging him in the area of writing.  Which he is rising to the occasion as long as cursive writing isn’t involved. The nice thing is his teacher is going to classes to work with GATE kids and we’re working together to help challenge him and hopefully make school better for him.  Sports aren’t going as well.  He’s still with KARE Youth League but has a new coach who is a screamer now and again. Mark’s not used to having someone other than his parents scream at him.  Hopefully he will stick with it, he could be good.

I’m sure 2010 will have plenty of adventures…

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  1. Thanks for sharing! We have sons in the same grade. My oldest son, 3rd child is in 5th grade. That means middle school here! Have a very Merry CHRISTmas Holly!

    Mimi B

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