Life is Good

I haven’t had much to say so far this year.  I’m still going to school, this semester is a theology class again, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and the Church. The semester started off a little better than last.  Last semester the faculty member was horribly sick the first night of class, then missed the second class because of an intestinal blockage. Thankfully he’s back on his feet and hit the ground running last week.  Of course, the Martin Luther King JR holiday gave us a day off the second week of the semester.

I am attempting to read the Bible through this year.  Not sure I’ve ever done that. I’ve read the entire New Testament, but never the Old. So far so good. I’m tracking my reading on my page:

I am also participating in a 2010 Reading Challenge my goal is 52 books this year.  My best year ever was 2008 with 40 books.  Last year I only had time to read 38. So we’ll see how this year goes.  I have a lot of great books on my “To be read” pile as well as my kindle where I can have an ENDLESS supply of books.  Many for free!

School is also a priority.  I plan to graduate next Spring! Which means 1 unit this summer, 5 next fall and 5 next spring.  But I don’t think it will be too stressful.  After surviving last spring with 8 units between Spring and Spring 2 plus the Eiro project.  I can do this!

2010 will be a good year.  DSC_2162

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