Looking for the ark

Ok a slight aggration but we have gotten a lot of rain here lately. Today I was meeting with my mentee outside on Cougar Walk when the downpour happened. My umbrella was in my car which was in LA with Erwin. 

This picture was a couple hours later after another major downpour complete with thunder lightning and hail. The crackup is the dept I was at during the hail had a problem with their sprinklers. After a major rumble of thunder the sprinklers would kick on… Crazy stuff… The hard part about the rains are the burn areas experiencing more tradegy from mud slides.  More rain tomorrow then a break.

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  1. Wow. Thanks for posting the picture. It’s nice to see the old campus again. Looks like lots of water. Crazy. Unfortunately, that weather hasn’t translated into snow for us in Denver, Colorado. We’re below yearly averages for snow. I’m hoping it will pick up for us soon.

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