Tim and Val


Back in January I went to a conference in Vegas. I asked Tim to pick me up from the airport when I returned. He brought Val along with him. They’ve worked together for a couple of years were in marching band together, but I was a little surprised that she came with him.

I drove back from the airport while the two of them text messaged each other. Finally, Tim said, “I asked this really nice girl out for a date and she said ‘Yes’” to which I replied “Does she happen to be in the backseat?”  Tim forgets I know everything, because after all, I’m not just a mom… (but that’s another story).

Val’s a great gal she’s fun and can keep Tim in line. 

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  1. Texting while sitting in the same car? What’s with the youngin’s these days? Pretty soon there will be no need for conversation and people will forget how to speak altogether. Sad state of affairs. Sad state of affairs! 😉

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