Mark had a nice week

Last weekend was the City Bowling Tournament in West Covina. In the tournament the kids bowl 9 games in 2 days. Three on day 1 in the team competition , then 6 on day 2, doubles and singles. In the 9 games he bowled 8 games over 100.  Two of the games he bowled 50+ pins over average, his average going into the tournament was 81.

Then Thursday in league he did this in his second game:


This is his new high score beating the previous 156 that he bowled the last time City Tournament was in West Covina. (and back then he bowled by heaving the ball down the lane with two hands).

Saturday was his playoff basketball game, against USC. The last time they played the Friday before and lost 10-9 with all 9 points being scored in the second half. The guys took a lot of good shots but nothing would go in. Yesterday was a different story, the kids were scoring almost at will. Mark played the best he has all season. It started with the opening tip off when he caught the ball. He didn’t really know what to do with it but was able to get it to the guard. He was going after rebounds and getting them.  He had at least one steal, and was able to tie up the ball to get a jump ball. He did commit two fouls. No baskets not even any shots, but that was okay.  He played well and worked hard. Below is a picture of him and the other teams forward as the battled for position.  This one doesn’t do justice to the battling they were doing. It was funny but Mark definitely held his own.


I am very proud of him.  Now if I could get him motivated to work on his State Report.

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