A Day at Disneyland

I wish I had something profound to share about today’s trip to Disneyland. We (Tim and I) met up with the “Gang” (Tom, Chris, Dave, Matt, Scott, and Jeremy) in California Adventure. We went to Talk Time with Crush, which was truly hysterical.  Equally entertaining was  Billy Hill and the Hillbillies at the Golden Horseshoe Revue.

This time our group only got up to 13 then soon dropped back to 8. (Unlike last month when we got up to 20 or so).

It was a fun day, relaxing.  Dinner was amazing, cold potatoes and all.  Got to bring home some leftovers for Erwin so it was all and all a good day!

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  1. really? this is all you have to say about this wonderful day? you’d better read my blog post on this day, theres um shall we say a little more there on the tpoic!

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