A Review of SeaWorld’s New Dolphin show – Blue Horizons

Today began a new era in the dolphin show at SeaWorld. No more lighthouse, no more guy singing songs that most of us don’t know. No more soak zone song, no more being the only one to yell the line “OH MY HAIR”  the first time we sing the Soak Zone song no more little kid playing splash me in the face with “Dolly the Dolphin” and no more clumsy parent falling into the water.


Today SeaWorld previewed their new shop to the passholders. There were showings at 3, 5, & 7. We walked by around 1:45 or so and saw a line had already formed.  But it wasn’t until we were in the Sky Tower that we saw just how many people were lined up.


There were even more on the other side of the stadium. Mark and I decided not to bother with the 3 o’clock show we’d hit the 5 show and went to the Sea Lion and Otter show. Which is always fun.  When we exited the Sea Lion Show they were still letting people into the dolphin show so we went and set up high.

We entered the show 5 to 10 minutes after it started. The show reminded me of Cirque de la Mer show just not as creepy. It was ok, but I like to watch dolphins jumping and spinning and having a good time. It was pretty cool and all, but…

Mark liked it enough he wanted to get in line as soon as we got out of the 3 o’clock show for the 5 show.  So by 3:45 we were in line for the 5:00 o’clock show. Thankfully, they let us in the stadium at 4 and we got seats 7 rows from the front pretty much center. It was technically the “soak zone.” 

While we waited some of the bird trainers came over to work with the macaws to help them get use to flying over the audience. One bird did really well, but Bella, she kept missing her mark.  (and thankfully missed mine too!) She did try to fly over to a tree outside the seats.


This is the bird that did stuff right.


This is Bella she had some issues, both during this practice and in the performance she overshot her target.

The director of entertainment opened the show reminding people that this was essentially a dress rehearsal and there might be some hiccups.

The show was Disney meets SeaWorld. There was a story of dreams and “love.” Of course, there’s a villain but of course, good conquers all. It was really an enjoyable show. You had guys diving off a “high dive” you had gals (and guys the villains) swinging around.  And there was the giant macaw.  (sorta creepy!) The colors were beautiful and the water fountains complimented the action and the music. Speaking of the music it was also very well done. OK, I enjoyed the show!

Here are a few pictures from the show.  It’s going to take a time or two (or 6) to figure out when and where to shoot.  But it’s going to be fun working on it!





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