Nothing Grosser than an 8th Grade Boy!

My friend, Vicki, once told me there was nothing grosser in the world than an 8th grade boy. I remember going to San Francisco on band tour with Tim during his 8th grade year. And although Tim really wasn’t that disgusting (I’d like to think it was the homeschooling influence.  but somehow I doubt that was it) But as far as the rest of the 8th grade boys, more than one almost ended up in the bus toilet – head first! They were just rude, crude, and socially unacceptable. And the mouths, oh my gosh!  I would have killed Tim had he spoke to any adult the way those little creeps did. 

The amazing thing was something happened to those really annoying “boys” during the summer of their 8th grade year and their freshman year of High School. They could carry on a conversation like a normal human being. They didn’t feel the need to see if they could be grosser than their buddy (at least most of the time). It was truly amazing.

But that as 2004, here we are in 2010. Mark is in 5th grade and it’s is just amazing!  I can’t believe how gross the child can be and he finds it hilarious!! The belching, the farting, the jokes, it’s crazy. Absolutely crazy!

Now, I need to be fair to Mark. In recent weeks, he’s been working really hard to be a civilized individual. He is maturing in so many ways. His ADHD makes it tough some days. Sometimes it’s the non-stop talking and constant motion and some days it’s the belligerent mouth.   The hyperactivity makes me crazy, the mouth makes me mad and I have a great desire to slap him.  (For the record, I haven’t!)  I just pray that he continues to strive to manage himself.  He really is a good kid with a very tender heart.

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