Opening day Chipotle Azusa!

Today was a red letter day.  One it was Friday! Two Chipotle opened in Azusa across the street from the University.  I hadn’t planned on going opening day, but Mark #1 invited me to lunch with him and Dante.  And Dante wanted Chipotle (I was secretly very happy about that!) There was a line out the door but they did a really good job and we really didn’t wait very long.  It was good, very, very good. While we were there I pulled out my camera and recorded a message to a good friend and my very first “follower” on my blog.  Chris, we are happy that you and your family have been so blessed in your move to Colorado. Know we miss you and love you.

First up, Dante and Mark Holmes:

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Of course, Dante wouldn’t let me stay behind the camera and I have a message too…  all I can say is “DANG! I need to loose weight!”

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  1. Awwww….how freakin’ awesome was that?!?! Thanks guys! It was nice of you to send me a video comment. My first video comment ever on the inter-webs. I loved it. Chipotle, huh? I think I moved just in time. APU didn’t pay me enough to support a Chipotle habit. That would have been dangerous. Dante, we’d love to see you guys when you come out. Dinner will be provided for sure. As for shelter, well…our home is only 1200 sq. ft. but we have an awesome couch. Might be crowded with four of you. But, it’s all yours if you need it. Mark, thanks for the comment. The lord has blessed us abundantly in Colorado. We are very blessed. We found a great church and I have a wonderful job. We are finally able to pay off debt, which is awesome. Plus, Colorado is beautiful! We love it here. We just miss all of our good friends back in California. If you all could just move out here, it would be awesome. Holly, thanks for taking the time and effort to post these on your blog. I am honored and blessed. It was great seeing you all. Definitely post more of these. It was great seeing you all again. It was almost like I was there with you. Love you guys!!!

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