The USS Midway

Saturday Mark and I went to check out the USS Midway Museum while in San Diego. This was our first trip to there and probably not our last. It was amazing to walk to through the ship and I don’t think we saw even half of what it had to offer. Even though it’s a tv show, I can totally understand how Tony (of NCIS) always gets lost when he’s on an aircraft carrier.  It’s an amazing maze in that thing!


There was lots to see and play with.  Mark had fun dressing up in flight gear and having me take pictures of him.


An no the ejection level was disabled so he couldn’t eject himself.

There lots of planes and helicopters on the flight deck for us to look at and for Mark to climb into.




Mark jumping out of the back of the helicopter.

The USS Midway is a great “museum” for kids and adults a like. If you get there early it looks like you can park near the ship. We parked in one of the parking lots close by and paid $13 for up to 10 hours of parking. They offer AAA discounts which makes the adult price $16 and youth are $10. There’s pricing for students and senior citizens.

And the nicest part is it is beautifully set in San Diego.

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