A Day at the Happiest Place on Earth – Maybe Not

Disneyland may boast that it’s the happiest place on earth, but the reality is, it’s so not! But Mark and I had a good time.  Although, my phone again let me down.  I couldn’t upload pictures to Facebook which was more than a little annoying.  But that’s life!

We got to the park around 2.  Parked in the South 40 on Harbor, which I actually kind of like. It’s the farthest from the park, but you can walk right on to an air conditioned bus, where you have your own seat and personal space. (Unlike past experiences on the tram).  You’re taken to the park within just a few minutes. At the end of the day you go to the pickup area where you walk right on to another air conditioned bus and you’re taken back to the lot.  VERY nice.

When we got to the park Mark wanted to get a fast pass for Space Mountain then off to Indiana Jones ride.

When we got in line for Indiana Jones I was asked if I would carry the “red” card. It’s a card that they have guest carry to the front of the line to check wait times.  It’s the second time I’ve been asked to be a carrier. Even though the sign said 45 minutes I think it was more like 35. 

From Indy we went over to Tom Sawyer’s Island or rather Pirate Cove whatever. Mark ran around and had fun I found some shade and read.  We wanted to ride Splash Mountain but it was closed. Next choice Haunted Mansion, which was typical Haunted Mansion only about 15 minutes.  When we got off Haunted Mansion it was closed.

Back to Tomorrow Land because Mark wanted to see Captain EO. I was little surprised because I didn’t think he was all that impressed the first time. They’ve changed it up a little bit, took away the one thing that drove me nuts. They would “bounce” the seats to the beat of the music, but not this time!!  Then at the end when Captain EO and his band of “merry” men leave they blast you in the face with air.  Much less annoying than the bounce.

Still not time for Space Mountain so off to another one of Mark’s favorite places Interventions. They’ve changed up over the years to keep it fresh and fun. We finally checked out ASIMO the robot built by Honda.  I still think it’s a little person inside a costume.

Once we finished there it was time for Space Mountain!  My favorite. Several years ago back when Erwin had a pass we once rode Space Mountain 7 times over the span of an hour and a half.  Erwin was hoping to burn me out on the ride… no such luck.  Though I don’t think I can ride it that many times any more. (Even if you could in an hour and half these days).

After that we left the park to come home. All in all a fun time!  I have the premium pass so I can go back anytime, this will be it for Mark until August. 

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