A New Age for the Lost Dog

March 26, 2001 we brought home this cute dog who looked like a miniature Lab, the pound had him listed as a “yellow” beagle. He was pretty doped up from his “procedure.” So we left him on the patio for the night. The next morning my husband put him in our backyard about 7:00 in the morning.  Around 7:20 I asked my oldest son, Tim, to go and check on him.  Tim comes back in to inform me, he was gone.  We finally found him 2 or 3 hours later at the local high school about a half a mile away.  Oh it gets better….

When you get a dog from the animal shelter they pay for you to take them to your vet to have him checked out. So after getting him home from the high school I took him to our vet. He had a lot of fleas so I paid to have him flea dipped. My husband went back that evening to pick him. The tech who assisted my husband said, “I never tell people this, but you might consider tying this dog up.  He’s quite the escape artist.”

Oh indeed he is an escape artist. We would put him on the back patio and he would manage to get out. No matter what we do, if the dog wants out he’s gonna get out. 

So let’s fast forward to this weekend. Yesterday morning, I got up, got ready for church, filled Leon’s dish and went off to church. In the afternoon I went out to water my tomato plants and my cucumber plants and noticed that Leon hadn’t eaten. And then realized he was not in the yard anywhere!

I walked around the neighborhood no luck. Erwin walked over to the carnival no luck. I started checking out the animal shelter’s website looking for his mug shot… no luck.

This morning, still no Leon, so for my twitter/facebook status about 8:30 this morning I posted:  “so a much quieter weekend, still no functioning phone, and Leon is AWOL. Time to check pics on the pound website”

At 10:51 this morning I received the following email on my facebook:

Hi Holly
Im xxxx xxxx I am pretty sure our kids go to school together… I have your dog Leon call me when you get message I saw it on your twitter…..
xxx xxx-xxxx.

So I call “xxxx” and sure enough, our sons were together in a 1/2 combo class and then again last year in a 4/5 combo, her son is a year older than mine.

But this wonderful lady called the human society who forwards her to my phone number (which at this time is still DEAD). From my outgoing message she got my name then thought about searching twitter from there she found me on facebook and emailed me!

She also took very good care of Leon, it’s surprising he even wanted to come home. (Though I’m not sure he did.)

The crazy thing is he got out about this time last year.  Though last year he ended up getting pick up by the animal control.


Here’s an edit version of his Pound Picture from last year. (Thanks Staphon)

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  1. That is SO crazy. Can NOT believe how the internet worked like that. I would’ve never thought to check online to see if someone locally was looking for their lost dog on Twitter! Amazing. We have a gal at work who has jerry rigged her dog every which way, but if there’s a storm, he’s gone. Miles sometimes. Haven’t seen her since last Fri so I don’t know if she made it back.

    So happy Leon is home! LOL


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