An Extremely LOOOOONG Day

Normally Saturday is a day of rest for me.  I work all week and then Sunday I “work” at the church. Though, other than having to be functional at 8 AM I really don’t find leading worship at church as work. It’s actually a great joy to see and hear God’s people singing in worship. But alas it’s not necessarily restful.

Today wasn’t a normal Saturday for me. I realize that being a mom there will be some Saturdays that will require me to work.  HOWEVER, this Saturday was absolutely ridicules. The youth bowling league planned a car wash for today. Originally it was scheduled to be out in Rancho Cucamonga but thankfully there was a major uproar and the location got changed to San Dimas. And the start time was moved to 9 instead of 7 or whatever ungodly hour was originally planned for.

I told our new board president on Thursday I could only stay until noon. And at 12:01 I walked away. I felt bad in some ways they had several cars but I had to.  I wasn’t feeling well, if I had a feeling my blood pressure was extremely low and my heart rate extremely high.  I went into Carl’s JR and had lunch with the family

Had a couple of hours to work on my slide show presentation for tomorrow night. Then it was off to the Kare Youth League Circus at the Rose Bowl. I was in the Beverage Booth this year.  OH MY GOSH!!! It was so hot so we were very, very popular! 

Thank God, it is my last KYL Circus. Mark isn’t continuing in the program. Hopefully, I’m going to get him involved in tennis or something like that to give him exercise.  He and I went over to University Village last Sunday and batted the ball around.  He actually did quite well.  I was pleasantly surprise.

I so need to get started on the music for the slide show, but I’m just too tired…so I think a shower and then to bed.



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