Common Sense… or the Lack there of

I admit I don’t always use the best common sense.  Sometimes, quite honestly, I’m a total DITZ! (Proved it twice yesterday with my boss, that would be the NEW boss! UGH!)

Regardless, though there are just some things in life that we should just get. One of my biggest pet peeves is the elementary school parking lot during the mad dash to drop kids off before school. Thankfully, our school spent some money this past summer to improve the parking lot tremendously and overall making it safer for our kids. One of the things they did was make the exit Right Turn ONLY. With the staggered start times you have probably about 150-200 kids being dropped off by 8:50, another 150-200 being dropped off by 8:05. That’s a lot of cars and traffic. Not to mention the poor fools who have to drive down the street in front of the school on their way to the freeway to get to work. It’s a pretty crazy street in the mornings. Thus, common sense, says “Even though it’s inconvenient I should turn RIGHT out of the parking lot.”  (For reasons too lengthy to discuss here I HATE unprotected left turns in high traffic areas and avoid them like the plague!) But the crazy thing is, not everyone has that common sense. Or they are just so incredibly self-centered that it doesn’t matter what common sense or the LARGE signs say, they are going to turn left.  To help the flow of traffic out of the school, they created two lanes to turn RIGHT. Over the past school year I’ve seen HUNDREDS turn left from the left lane.  But sadly, it doesn’t stop there! OH HEAVENS NO!!!  Twice now I’ve been in the left lane, planning to turn right when the ying yang in the right lane turns left in front of me.  This morning this lovely Expedition with soccer mom behind the wheel pulls up and places herself in the middle so there’s no where else to go. COME ON!!!!

Now thankfully, most of the school year I helped in the my son’s class room until 8:15 and by that time, most of these lovely people were gone. Which is probably a good thing, because I would have probably gotten hit by one of them.

The thing about common sense, is at 5:00 this evening when I pick my son up from school, will I turn left or right?  I will turn left and go home. Because common sense says, “There are 150 kids leaving school right now there’s not a plethora of cars, it’s safe for me to make this left turn.” Sadly, our society has no common sense so our government has had to try and legislate common sense through some pretty stupid laws. It’s frustrating sometime to see and to experience. But it is what it is and we have to live and adapt to it. After all, common sense dictates that is the best way.

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