Just when you thought it was safe…

The past several months, Mark has been changing. Becoming more mature in his thoughts and his physical attributes. A while back we were in Big 5 to buy him some shoes. He was trying on a men’s size 9 and I said something along the lines of “Good grief Mark” to which he responded for all the world (in Big 5 to hear) “What Mom! I’m going through puberty!” It made me laugh he wasn’t the least bit embarrassed at how his body is changing and after all , he watched “the video” last fall.  The one that explains puberty. Thankfully there’s both a male and female teacher at the 5th grade level. I’ve heard that many ADHD kids hit puberty and actually settle down to the point that they don’t need medication any longer.  We can hope!

Normally, on school mornings I get up start getting ready, then wake up Mark. One day early last week I woke up and heard the fan going in the front bathroom.  I thought, ‘Weird, Erwin must have left the light on.”  Much to my surprise, Mark was already up and in the bathroom. When he finally came out he informed me he had been suffering from diarrhea. He goes on to tell me he also threw up. I evidently gave him a funny look because he proceeded to tell me, “Don’t ask me how I got them both in the toilet but I did.” I was to afraid to go in the bathroom to find out for sure.  Evidently, he was successful but I didn’t hear any screaming when Erwin got home.

All this to say, much to my dismay, Mark is no closer to being off meds that he was 3 years ago when he started. Which is evident from the behavior over this holiday weekend, where he’s only gotten his meds 1 in 72 hours.  NOT GOOD!

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