Purple toes

Why you ask am I writing about my toes? My response is why not!

I enjoy 97% of a pedicure. 3% is pure torture. That is the 3% that the lady who speaks little English spend on the bottom of my extremely  ticklish feet. The poor soul would probably spend longer except she probably fears being kicked as I jerk my foot. 

I always do the “spa” pedicure so I can sit in the big chair with the built in massager. Might as well get a little taste of heaven to make up for the torture. 

Yesterdays pedicure was compliments of Mark’s last teacher Mrs. C aka Lora. It was for the nail spa which is a very nice state of the art facility that I’ve gone too many times. (namely because they are open on Sunday)

I realized why I stopped going. They are constantly trying to sell you more services. It’s so maddening!! Just give me what I asked for.

Oh well I’m sure they it because they are told too. The manager looks like a slave driver!

It was still a very nice pedicure and my toes look great!

Thanks again Lora!!

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