You Know Your City is in trouble when….

First off I need to say we’ve lived in the same city since we’ve been married, 22 years. So now to fast forward to April of this year (ironically, Erwin moved into the house in April of 1988).  I come home one Thursday evening to find that our black trash can is missing. I thought it odd, since no one else’s trash can was missing. 

The following Monday I call the city and tell them it’s missing. The very pleasant lady said she would let the right people know and they would get us a new one…..

Two and half weeks later still no trash can so I call the city again. This time I was told that our account has been delinquent since April of 2008!!  So for TWO years they’ve been picking up our trash but not sending us any kind of bill. Again, the very pleasant lady (a different one from the first phone call) informs me she will need to talk to her supervisor and she’ll get back to me the middle of the next week.

Well, the week passed and no phone call so a week and half later, I call them again! Side Note: Thankfully there’s a dumpster at my husband’s office so he’s been taking our trash bags to work with him. 

Again, I speak to two very nice ladies who seem to want to help me, but neither have the authority to do so. I tell them, ever so politely since I realize than neither of them have the power to help me nor were either of them responsible for the situation, that I REALLY want to get this resolved so someone needs to call my husband and get this worked out.

The next day my husband did receive a phone call and they start to work out the situation. But sadly, did not come to a final resolution. About a week later he gets a voicemail indicating that we owe well over $700 to get our service current and turned back on.  The only problem… when you add up the 24 months of no payments, the deposit, and the start up cost it doesn’t come CLOSE to that much money.

So we are now into month 2 of no trash pick up… 

I just find it tremendously amusing and annoying that a city that has been crying about no money, who cancelled their Christmas parade and threatened to close their library and parks and recreation program because the people didn’t pass the utility tax can fail to bill a customer for TWO YEARS for their trash service, yet continue to pick it up!  They claimed we should have received a past due statement and a statement indicating that our account was delinquent, statements we never received. My husband informed them when he gets a statement, he pays it. 

Anyway, as I said, it’s amusing and annoying all at the same time.  I will give credit to the people I spoke with, they all sounded as if they enjoyed their jobs and wanted to be helpful. 


This purple rose is from one of my rose bushes…  so pretty…. 

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  1. Yeah… our city is stupid also… I think they just need to be organized better, then they wouldn’t lose as much money.

    But if you’ve ever seen the show Parks and Recreation, you’d understand why the people in charge get nothing done.

    At LEAST you are making it prettier with your flowers 🙂

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